Golfoss Waterfall

On our first full day in Iceland, we woke up bright and early, got all decked out in our winter gear and started on our road trip.  Outfit-wise, Iceland is definitely cold–even during the summer months so it’s important that you dress accordingly. Phil and I went a little Amazon-crazy before our trip but I’m so happy we did. We wore at least two layers of thermals everyday (sometimes three!), as well as hiking boots and winter jackets (similar here).  

THINGVELLIR PARK: Our first stop was Thingvellir Park. This beautiful national park is about an hour or so from Reykjavik.  The first thing we noticed was that there was no traffic when we were driving there. Coming from a big, crowded city like Los Angeles, this was the most amazing, liberating feeling. 

The park itself is so beautiful. It’s an amazing first stop on an Icelandic road trip because you basically hike out to a beautiful waterfall and you’re immediately surrounded by scenes right out of Game of Thrones.Iceland National Park Gullfoss

SNORKELING: We also went snorkeling at Thingvellir Park in between two tectonic plates. It was definitely cold but the crystal clear water was so beautiful! It’s also so clean that the snorkel instructors tell you that you can drink it.  We were given dry suits so that we would stay as dry as possible but our faces and hands did get extremely cold. The water was only 44 degrees the day we were there so if you’re planning on snorkeling, be prepared! 


GULLFOSS WATERFALL: Next, we drove about an hour further out to Gullfoss Waterfall.  This waterfall is absolutely massive and incredible. One of the best parts about Iceland is that nothing feels touristy. All of the parks are free to get into and there isn’t anything built up around them disrupting their natural beauty. 

FullSizeRender-5IMG_9091 GullfossIMG_9138

HOTEL: At night, we checked into the Litli Geysir hotel and we ate dinner at a local mom and pop restaurant nearby.  After dinner, we walked across the street to visit a bunch of amazing geysers that were constantly going off. You can snap some pretty amazing photos around there for sure.

Litli GeiserLitli Geysir