leather studs & light leaks-12

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! After a couple weekends in a row of traveling and having family in town on my end, it was nice to have a low-key, laid back weekend with my hubby and friends. Since many of us are LA transplants, we celebrated our dads from a far. Summer is officially here in Los Angeles–it was over 100 degrees this weekend and we’re already melting. 

We snapped this outfit post just before the temperature rose and I’m happy we did because it may be one of the last times I get to wear my favorite studded leather jacket for a while.  I layered it on top of an otherwise all black outfit, added summer wedges and a tan fedora with blue trim. I can’t believe July 4th is right around the corner–this year is already flying by.

leather studs & light leaks-24leather studs & light leaks-28leather studs & light leaks-1leather studs & light leaks-39leather studs & light leaks-5 leather studs & light leaks-19leather studs & light leaks-3 leather studs & light leaks-27leather studs & light leaks-8 leather studs & light leaks-38leather studs & light leaks-11 leather studs & light leaks-14leather studs & light leaks-34leather studs & light leaks-16 leather studs & light leaks-25leather studs & light leaks-40THE LOOK: Leather Jacket / Black Pants / Blank Tank / Wedges / Photos By: Brittany Mendoza