yoga around iceland

Phil and I have now been back in Los Angeles for about a week since our trip to Iceland.  The trip inspired us both a great deal and really helped to put life into perspective–especially given the tragic news stories that have now surfaced in Orlando, Florida this week. 

For starters, in driving around Iceland’s Ring Road (the main road that wraps around Iceland’s coast in a big circle), we were most often the only car on the road. Compared to driving in traffic-jammed LA, this feeling of true solitude with nature was so liberating that we’ll be dreaming about it for a long time to come.

In looking up at the most beautiful mountains, glaciers and waterfalls in every direction, Iceland felt like an entire country just waiting to be explored.  It felt so liberating to disconnect and to truly be present; we realized how hungry we had been for more simple times. 

I hope that Iceland remains as we saw it forever because we’ve never experienced a place so pure and beautiful.  As I gather all of my favorite Iceland pictures into a bunch of future posts, I decided to share this yoga series for starters because it best showcases how I felt during our trip. 

If you’re looking for a life-changing adventure of your own, do yourself a favor and book tickets to Iceland. Full itinerary coming soon!

IMG_9695IMG_1503IMG_0547IMG_9806 IMG_9340IMG_0554-2THE LOOKS: Thermal Top & Bottoms / Nikes / Pink Fur Jacket / Puffer Jacket / Tie Dyed Leggings / K.Deer Yoga Pant / Sunnies (Similar Here) / Photos By: Phil Galanty