Since it’s been such a busy few weeks, I’m rounding up some of my favorite recent Instagram and outfit photos to share with you today. I’ve been wearing my distressed rag and bone skinny jeans on repeat recently–to the point where the tiny little holes have turned into giant ones.  I love that I’ve really worn them in and they continue to grow softer and more comfy with every wash. 

I often pair these jeans with a leather jacket–especially when I’m traveling as I have been recently. This has definitely become my go-to travel uniform because it’s so easy and versatile. Basics and a classic leather jacket can go a long way.  Below, you can see this look worn in a couple of different ways. The first can be seen directly below with the blue background.  I wore this outfit in Kingston, New York for lunch with my mom and grandma for Mother’s Day.  I paired my studded leather jacket with a pink Onno T-Shirt and later wore this outfit on the plane back to LA.

IMG_8032 IMG_8036 IMG_8230IMG_7989IMG_8081 IMG_8351 IMG_8356 IMG_8348 IMG_8358bichon