ouidad curls

Since I can remember, I have completely idolized straight hair.  This, of course, has always been a big problem because I was born with curls upon curls (and frizz upon frizz!). My first memories trying to do my own hair include brushing out my curls, slicking them back with loads of gel, heavy duty hairspray and everything in between.  I was constantly trying to tame my hair to look like everybody else’s. By middle school, I was frying my curls with straightening irons and by high school, while I got closer to embracing my natural curls, I could never find the perfect hair products that would keep my curls intact all day long. And then I found Ouidad.

Ouidad is a line of hair products designed entirely for curly hair.  This line provides a whole system for keeping curly hair healthy and frizz-free and the company also provides special curly haircuts at their salons that allow your curls to shine through by shaping them properly.  Since I first tried the line a couple years ago, I’ve stopped straightening my hair (except for the occasional blow-out which I still love!) and my hair has become so much healthier, longer and I’ve finally started to appreciate it more.  I’ve received a bunch of messages recently asking about my curly hair routine so I’m excited to share it with you today.  

STEP #1: Wash your hair with Defrizzing Shampoo.  

STEP #2: Condition your hair with Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner. For this step, I make sure the water in the shower is a bit cooler. I’ve noticed that colder water helps my curls to stay in tact. 

STEP #3: After your shower, do not wrap your hair in a towel and do not brush out your curls!  Instead, ring out excess water in the shower, turn your head upside down and squeeze your hair from tip to root with a bunch of paper towels. This helps to ring out extra water and it allows the cuticles of your hair to stay smooth.  

FUN FACT: I only brush my hair out completely every few days after a shower–but only using a comb. I’ve learned that my curls dry so much better and look so much healthier when I only brush my curls out sparingly. This was tough to get used to because my first inclination was that my hair would get tangled but if you have curly hair, try this trick. You’ll be surprised about how well it works!

STEP #4: Squeeze Climate Control Gel into your hands.  Turn your head upside down again and squeeze the gel into your hair–starting at the tips, squeezing your hair up to your scalp. This will set your curls.  If you hair is still wet, keep patting it dry with a paper towel.

Step #5: From here, I usually flip my head back over and let my hair air dry! If I’m in a big hurry, I’ll defuse my hair for a few minutes with a hairdryer on very low heat (to keep it from frizzing!). That said, I’ve noticed that air drying and patting my hair down with paper towels until it’s almost dry creates the most perfect curls and often gives me the best hair days!

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