kdeer illustration

I had the pleasure of attending Syracuse University with an amazingly talented entrepreneur name Kristine Deer. Even back in college, I remember that Kristine was talented beyond her years–she was always sewing and sketching away and she was always able to seamlessly construct her designs so beautifully.  She later went onto launch K-Deer, her own line of “haute yogawear” out of New York and I’ve been following along from LA ever since.

Kristine’s line has now been featured on magazine covers, television and everything in between. I myself have collected K-Deer pieces over the years to wear to hot yoga class and to train for various races because the material has such a great wick quality, not to mention the patterns (which her sister designs!) are so memorable.  

This week, I’m so excited to be teaming up with K-Deer to feature some new looks of the season. Today, I’m starting out our collaboration by sharing an illustration I put together of some new K-Deer looks as a sneak peak.  Stay tuned for more about K-Deer’s amazing line later this week!

Kdeer Yogawear IllustrationTHE MATERIALS: Prisma Colored Marker / Photos of RELish Artwork By: ALN Images