I’m so excited for today’s collaboration with LA-based floral design extraordinaire, Carly Cylinder. Carly is the Founder & Creative Director of Flour LA, a bicoastal floral design company that provides nontraditional designs using eco-friendly flowers. She’s also the author of the upcoming how-to book, The Flower Chef (officially out March 1st). As a huge fan of floral anything and everything, I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to spend time with Carly. 

I loved learning more about her business and lucky for me, she also taught me tips and tricks about how to make the perfect flower crown.  Tip #1, you don’t have to spend a ton of money (let alone more than $10.00) to get the look you want.  In fact, Carly and I experimented with making our flower crowns out of only two materials: twine and flowers. Since the design turned out so fun and easy, we’re sharing our “How To” with you today so that you’ll also learn how to make your own.

THE MATERIALS: For these uber-simple DIY flower crowns, the only materials you will need are: scissors, twine and flowers.


THE FLOWERS:  You can make flower crowns out of just about any flowers.  For our flower crowns, Carly and I went with vibrant peach and deep purple roses and then we picked tons of other flowers that helped to compliment these tones (specifically, we used: eucalyptus, baby waxflower, gypsy, spray roses, roses and ruscus).  In Los Angeles, we’re lucky to have the LA Flower Mart where floral designers like Carly go to pick out beautiful flowers year-round–often in bulk.  If you live elsewhere or in a smaller city or town, flowers from your local grocery story will also do the trick.

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STEP #1: MAKING THE CROWN:  Wrap a piece of twine around the crown of your head and cut the ends once it goes all the way around and sits comfortably.  This will be the base of your flower crown. Tie the ends in a knot and then place the twine on a table or hard surface in front of you.


STEP #2: Go through your full bouquet and choose your favorite dozen or so flowers and a few pieces of greenery.  Set them aside.


STEP #3: Cut each flower at its base, leaving about two inches of stem on the bottom. Do the same for greenery.


STEP #4: Start combining a couple of flowers together and create a color combination you like.  Hold the two flowers together and start wrapping them at the base using about six inches of twine.

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STEP #5: Once you’ve wrapped your twine around the bottom of your mini bouquet a few times, place it on the headband you created a few moments ago.  Start wrapping the remaining twine around the headband and flowers 4-6 times.  Tie a knot at the end.  This should secure your mini bouquet to the headband.  


STEP #6: Repeat Steps 3 & 4–creating more mini bouquets, wrapping the floral stems in twine and then tie the mini bouquets to your headband.  Carly suggests leaning all of the flowers to the right on the twine headband so that they are all falling in the same direction. This will also help your crown to stay together.

We ended up filling up half of our twine headband with flowers but you can also cover your entire headband with flowers for a fuller effect. It’s totally up to you!

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Below, we’re sharing our finished product!  As long as your crown stays on your head and the flowers stay put, there really is no wrong way to make these!  Stay tuned to see how I styled my flower crown in an outfit post coming up later this week. Thanks, as always for stopping by and I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week!

167152196Photos By: ALN Images