Valentine's Day Watercolor

This is the first year Phil and I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day together as husband and wife instead of as fiances so it’s an especially special one.  He’s also been traveling a lot on business recently so we’re excited to finally have some time to celebrate and to relax. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to share some new hand-painted Valentine’s Day cards now available for a limited time on my online shop.


These watercolor fashionistas are holding some Valentine’s Day macarons. I also had so much fun collaborating on another version of the above Valentine’s Day card with the talented Kasey Blaustein of Kasey Jones Ink. Kasey is an LA-based entrepreneur who owns a one stop shop for branded experiences, custom art and influencer gifting.  If you missed our recent post together earlier this week, you can catch up here.  Below, Kasey hand-drew the backdrop of our Valentine’s Day card and layered on my hand-painted fashionistas. The combination turned out so colorful and fun! I can’t wait to collaborate with her again soon.  Happy almost Friday!

KJI Relish by Arielle

THE MATERIALS: Watercolor, Arches Watercolor Paper and Colored Penciils