If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that I love drawing fashion illustrations–especially of dresses.  With every piece that I finish, I’ve always wished that I’d be able to take the project one step further–being able to construct my illustrations into garments I could actually wear.  I was really excited to finally be able to do just that with today’s dress.

Up until recently, the only sewing class I ever took was in my middle school’s “Home Economics” class and after barely completing a super simple tote bag, I never really picked up the confidence to sew an actual piece of clothing.  I happen to live down the street from Mood Fabrics in Los Angeles and when I recently found out that they offer free sewing classes, I decided to muster up the courage to try one.  

I ended up signing up a few months ago and the class became pretty life-changing for me as a designer.  I was surrounded by tons of adults (and kids) from all walks of life who also wanted to learn how to sew.  In our first course, we learned all of the basics of how to thread a sewing machine.  A few weeks later, we all came out of the class with our own tote bags (much cuter than mine in middle school).  

In our second course, we moved onto clothing.  I sketched out a dress, bought a simple dress pattern that seemed to match it and got inspired by a tweed piece of material in blush.  It reminded me of something Chanel would have made so naturally, I went for it.  I later learned that tweed happens to be one of the hardest material to sew–especially for beginners–but after many mistakes and a lot of seam ripping, I finished up making the dress I’m wearing today.

Tailoring it to me was the hardest part of the whole process (it’s far from perfect!) but I am so excited to finally be able to wear the finished product.  I paired it with a simple white blazer and nude pumps this weekend for a shopping excursion at my favorite outdoor mall in LA, The Grove.

IMG_8008IMG_7986IMG_7997IMG_8047IMG_8062IMG_8023 IMG_8067chanel pinkIMG_7995-2pink chanel dressTHE LOOK:  Pumps / White Blazer / Sunnies / Photos By: Brittany Mendoza