I was so excited to attend a friend’s wedding last weekend but I couldn’t figure out what to wear until the last minute.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I happened upon the LA-based vintage boutique, The Way We Wore and scored this amazing 1950’s LBD.  I had walked past this boutique many times before and although I had stopped to stare at the amazing vintage gowns in its window, until last week, I never actually had a chance to go inside.

I’m so happy I did because The Way We wore is now one of my favorite vintage boutiques in the city. The boutique’s collection is organized by decade and although I found frocks from different years that called my name, this 1950’s party dress fit almost perfectly right off the rack.  When I saw its little blow in the back, I knew it had to be mine.  #sold.  I took the dress to nearby tailor who was able to fit it to me perfectly (behold the incredible power of tailoring!). From there, I added a pair of vintage 1950’s earrings for some extra sparkle, my wedding shoes, and a lace clutch.IMG_6885IMG_6868IMG_6713IMG_6939

I paired this look with my silver wedding shoes! It makes me so happy to be able to wear them again and I love that they added the perfect amount of sparkle to this otherwise all-black look.IMG_6732

The Way We Wore has so many amazing vintage pieces! Here are some other looks that I’m currently eyeing:  this clutch, this gown and this purse. IMG_6735IMG_6899 IMG_6891 IMG_6888IMG_6934IMG_6848IMG_6724

I love how unique and beautifully-crafted vintage dresses are.  I especially love the angle of this LBD’s straps in the back.  From the front, they look like the are completely straight but in the back, they angle inwards toward a tiny little bow. #Partyintheback.IMG_6835

I love the layering in this dress, which can be seen above.  The sheer black top layer is so silky and beautifully-sewn.IMG_6808 IMG_6702 IMG_6777 IMG_6775 IMG_6764 IMG_6742IMG_6921THE LOOK: Sunnies / Vintage LBD / Clutch / Pumps / Photos By: Brittany Mendoza