watercolor lipsticks

I love experimenting with watercolor illustrations of makeup–especially because they’re so much fun to frame and hang in my art studio space afterwards. I challenged myself to quickly sketch the above painting out in 5-10 minutes because I wanted to see what lipsticks would look like unpolished and without too much detail.

Do You Remember Who You Were Before The World Told You Who You Should Be?

I’ve also been experimenting with painting quotes that really hit home for me recently and below is my quote of the week: “Do you remember who you were before someone told you who you should be?” I love this quote because it makes me think about some of the first dreams I can remember having as a kid. I remember wanting to be an author and illustrator. What were your first dreams?  Did you end up going after them?

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THE MATERIALS: Watercolors / Arches Watercolor Paper