During the first few years of our relationship, Phil and I bonded over many things–but especially our love for travel.  When we first met, I had already lived abroad in Europe for a semester in college; he had never ventured further than Canada but couldn’t wait to explore.  

We booked some really amazing trips together early on and were able to explore such cities as Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Geneva, Zurich and Lucerne on a really affordable budget.  Our trips were truly incredible and they left us reinvigorated; we couldn’t wait to travel more. And then life set in–we both became increasingly busy with work and I could never really make myself step away.watercolor fashionOver the past few weeks, Phil and I have realized how important it is to us to add travel back into our lives so we’ve been on the hunt for where we want to go to next.  We can’t stop getting inspired by photos we’re seeing on travel blogs. Throughout our search this time around, I’ve been flagging tons of photos that inspire me artistically.  I conjured up today’s painting when dreaming about a trip to Italy.  Phil and I visited Rome and Florence back in 2012 but we’re dying to visit other Italian cities together.  I’m excited to see where we end up going next but until then, I’ll keep painting away.watercolor fashionTHE MATERIALS: Watercolors / Arches Watercolor Paper