During our wedding reception, our talented photographer, Katrina Jayne, whisked Phil and I away to take sunset photos. The lighting was so etherial and we’ll now have these amazing photos to look back at forever. Below are a few of our favorites that make it look like we stepped right into a fairytale.

How To Nail Wedding Sunset Photos

In order to nail photos like this, our photographer captured us looking towards the sun during “golden hour”–when the sun was in the perfect position and the lighting was nice and soft.

At first, we weren’t sure we wanted to take these extra photos during our wedding because there’s only so much time you get to enjoy all of the people who have come to see you from near and far.

That said, our photographer promised that these photos would not take long so we went for it. We highly recommend trying to nail some on your special day because they ended up being so priceless. We can’t wait to hang them around our house and look back at them years from now.

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-1112arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-1114 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-1119sunset wedding photosTHE LOOKS: Vera Wang Tuxedo / Florist: Jenn Sanchez / Photos: Katrina Jayne / Hair and Makeup: La Rouge Artistry