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Happy Monday! Phil and I can’t believe that this week marks four months since we tied the knot. Since time is continuing to fly and since we have not yet shared our professional wedding photos by the very talented Katrina Jayne, we figured that this would be the perfect week to finally post some of our favorites.  Since there are so many of photos we fell in love with, I’ll be posting a different part of our special day throughout the week.  


Getting Ready

To kick off ‘wedding week,’ we could not be more excited and humbled to post some of our favorite photos today from our wedding morning.  I’m thinking today marks my longest post of all time so I thank you in advance for scrolling through so many photos (I may or may not have gone a bit overboard!).  Getting ready was such a blissful blur, we’re so thankful to have these pictures that captured our entire morning so perfectly. Enjoy!

The morning of April 19th, 2015, my seven bridesmaids and I got our hair and makeup done (A special thanks to my bridal glam squad, La Rouge Artistry) and we were whisked away to our wedding venue, McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo, California.  When I arrived, I immediately noticed that Phil had left a handwritten card for me that read “til death do us part is for quitters.”  The words he wrote inside were so sweet, they made me cry right away.

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-46wedding gownarielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-70 wedding gownwedding dress bride hanger

My Bridesmaids

I was very thankful to have an amazing wedding party.  My younger sister, Adena was my maid of honor. My beautiful bridesmaids were made up of Phil’s sisters and some of my closest childhood and college friends.  I gifted all of my bridesmaids some comfy blush-colored robes to get ready in and I wore a similar one in white.  The robes came in personalized gift bags that I made to hand out at our rehearsal dinner, along with friendship bracelets (I made these with some of my bridesmaids when we were kids), watercolor fashion illustrations with handwritten notes on the back, and vintage initial charm necklaces.

bridemsaids robes bridesmaids

The Wedding Accessories

I love the colors Katrina Jayne captured in these photos of my wedding accessories!  I ended up wearing my engagement ring, a charm bracelet both sets of my grandparents added charms to throughout my teenage years (that remains one of my favorite pieces today), beautiful vintage pearl and diamond earrings borrowed from Phil’s stepmom, a cameo ring from my paternal grandmother that I wear everyday and of course my something new–my Carrie Bradshaw ‘Sex And The City’ Manolos in silver (I couldn’t help myself!).

wedding accessoriesarielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-114

The Bridal Bouquet

Our florist, Jenn Sanchez, did such a beautiful job curating all of our flowers and I especially loved my bridal bouquet!  She included some of my favorite flowers–peonies, roses, anemones, as well as succulents and she tied the whole thing together using lace from my mother’s wedding gown, my material grandmother’s wedding gloves and a beautiful vintage broach from my paternal grandmother (more photos to come below!).

bridal bouquet

Maid of Honor

I loved getting ready with all of my bridesmaids but it was especially incredible to have my little sister, Adena with me throughout the day. Even though she’s seven years younger than me, she’s one of my best friends. The below pictures with my sister are photos I’ll cherish forever–they’re so incredibly special. I also love looking back at the photos below of my sister and mom helping me to button up the back of my dress (that had so many buttons, it took an army!).

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-179 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-181 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-186 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-199 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-208 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-225 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-247 mother of the bridearielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-271
Thankful For My Mom

I absolutely love the below photo of my mom and I–it definitely tells a thousand words.  This was the first time she saw me in my dress since she and my dad live in upstate New York.  My mom played an especially huge part in making our day truly perfect and I don’t know what I would have done without her (not to mention she looked absolutely beautiful in her dress!).

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-316 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-312

The Bridesmaids Dresses

My bridesmaids wore the convertible tulle Jenny Yoo Annabelle dress in two colors–blush and cameo.  I went back and forth a million times when it came to what I wanted my girls to wear because I had heard such horror stories about bridesmaids dresses.

I started down the path of everyone wearing different dresses in the same color palette, beaded gowns, lace frocks–you name it, I thought about it.  In the end, I’m thankful that these dresses looked so classic and beautiful on everyone.  I loved that the girls could tie them however they felt most comfortable and I also love how the two slightly different shades of blush ended up looking–both in person and in photos.

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-328California Bridearielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-274
Father Of The Bride

I did a “First Look” with my Dad before I walked down the aisle and I’m so happy that I did. It was definitely emotional, beautiful and gave my parents and I a few minutes of quiet before the storm to take in the moment. In addition to my mom, my dad has been my rock throughout my whole life. Looking back at these photos is so incredibly special–pure happiness.

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-282 First Look with Father

The Kettubah

I love these photos of all of us signing our Kettubah–our Jewish marriage contract.  I love how our photographer captured all of us in different mirrors and there’s so much going on. I remember this moment–it was especially emotional for me. I can’t wait to frame our kettubah and to hang it up in our home someday.

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-354 Signing the Kettubahjenny yoo abel dressarielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-337 Vera Wang TuxGroom getting ready
Father Of The Groom

Phil’s Dad was his best man and in looking back at photos of the two of them getting ready, they’re too cute. I love this one where Phil’s Dad is tying on his boutonniere.

Vera Wang tuxes getting ready for the wedding
The Groomsmen:

Phil created the most thoughtful, personalized gifts for his groomsmen. He created boxes with each of their respective names on them that were filled with socks that best showcased each of their personalities.  He also included flasks and a bunch of other really sweet things that best fit each groomsmen. The guys all wore their socks on the day of the wedding with their Vera Wang tuxes–it was really cute.

arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-120 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-678 I love this picture of all of the groomsmen–and Phil’s adorable junior groomsmen, his Godson. The guys cleaned up so well and we had them wear blush ties to match the bridesmaids.  Phil looked dapper and classic in a black bow tie.arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-674 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-687 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-691 style me pretty blush wedding arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-770 Bridal portraitarielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-849 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-856 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-863 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-870 bridal veil

Wedding Procession-Ready

And last but not least, I love this picture of my sister walking me to our ceremony procession (and if you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, you’re a total rockstar).  She kindly helped to hold up my dress on the way.  Stay tuned for more wedding photos to come tomorrow that will feature my “First Look” with Phil.  Have a wonderful start to your week and as always, thank you so much for reading!

Bride and Sister

Photography: Katrina Jayne