First Look Wedding

I’m so excited to finally share some of our favorite “First Look” wedding photos with you today. Phil and I put a lot of thought into whether we wanted to see each other before we walked down the aisle and in the end, I’m so happy we finally decided to have this special moment together.arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-607 first look wedding arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-613 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-628 arielle_phil_mc_cormick_home_ranch-622 first look weddingfirst lookTHE LOOK: Vera Wang Tuxedo / Florist: Jenn Sanchez / Photos: Katrina Jayne / Hair and Makeup: La Rouge Artistry

Since I didn’t know too much about the purpose of a “First Look” before our wedding, for anyone who may be wondering, a “First Look” is a special amount of time carved out of the wedding schedule where a bride and groom are able to see each other for the first time before they walk down the aisle.  It’s an emotional private moment for the two of them and it also helps photographers to nail some great photos with the couple and wedding party before the ceremony even starts.  If couples choose not to do a “First Look” or see each other before they walk down the aisle, photos with the bride, groom and their wedding party can’t happen until cocktail hour.  This ends up tacking on a number of extra photos to take during that time which can be a bit overwhelming (but it’s also entirely doable!)

I was worried that seeing Phil before I walked down the aisle would somehow lessen the intensity and emotion of the moment but it didn’t at all.  Instead, both moments were equally beautiful and I remember feeling so thankful that our “First Look” helped to relieve a lot photo pressure later on in the day.