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My go-to shirts of the moment are boyfriend button-downs and since I can never have too many, I am devoting today’s post to these classic pieces (links to the above looks can be found here). aqua button down

When shopping for the perfect button-down, I’m always looking for pieces that don’t wrinkle, that are soft and that also have the perfect boyfriend fit.  I’ve scored some great button-downs at Joie and Equipment recently that have lasted a few seasons so far but if you’re looking to snag a quick bargain, Forever 21 has some affordable button-downs that can also do the trick.

I love styling my button-downs in all different ways–dressed down, dressed up, tucked in, tucked out, belted, etc.  I thought I had it all covered until I came across the below video this week that uncovered some fun hacks for properly wearing a button-down that I never knew about. Although the video is intended for men’s shirts, I gained some helpful takeaway for my own wardrobe too. I never knew, for example, that I’ve been rolling up my sleeves incorrectly my whole life.  The real trick is folding your sleeves half way up each arm before starting from the bottom and rolling your sleeves up from there.  This creates the perfect crease and helps sleeves stay put.  This video also taught me how to properly tuck in a dress shirt without creating a muffin top.  The trick is pinching the sides of your shirt together before tucking it in.  This keeps your shirt from bunching (talk about #lifechanging!).

(Photo By: Emily Kane)