aerial yoga los angeles

I had the pleasure of taking an amazing aerial yoga class at Air Fit Los Angeles last night where I learned how to hang around in style (or sort of in style–I’m still learning!).  It was an amazing workout that utilized a ton of core and arm strength.  Since working out is such an important part of my daily routine, I decided to compile some of my favorite looks and accessories above for yoga, running and everything in between. I wore the most amazing yoga pants to class which are by Teeki.  I love the crazy celestial pattern and the fact that these pants are so comfy and durable.  I wear them to hot yoga all the time too and they are great at wicking away sweat.  I highly recommend them for all different types of workouts–and the best part is that they come in so many colors and patterns, you can always add another pair to your collection.

gym inspirationThe Looks / The Class / The Photography: Emily Kane