My outfit today was inspired by a book I read this weekend: Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  It’s a quick read that teaches you how to organize, clean and simplify your life like never before and I definitely leaned in.  I got so inspired that I decided to try the methods I learned out on my own closet and now there’s no turning back (my living room, kitchen and every closet in my house are next!). DSC_0047DSC_0043 DSC_0031 THE LOOK: Black Jeans / Jeffrey Campbell Booties / Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mab (Similar Color Here) / Blush Tank / Sunnies / Black Blazer / Shark Tooth Earrings / Geode Bracelet

Marie teaches that every object or piece of clothing that you decide to hold on to should literally bring you joy upon holding it in your hand. If an object or piece of clothing does not bring you joy, you should get rid of it because it will ultimately become unnecessary clutter that you will never use (and it will just end up taking up space!).

I started with my closet last night and followed Marie’s rules step by step.  First, I threw ALL of my clothes in one big heap on my floor so that I could see them all in front of me. In the book, Marie says that it’s important to start from scratch with an empty closet–and that seeing everything you had stuffed in there in one place will help you to see just how much clutter you owned. From there, I discarded the pieces that didn’t bring me joy (and let me tell you, SO much of my wardrobe fell into this category that it was kind of scary!).  I ended up keeping only the pieces that felt essential and positive and before I knew it, I had four giant bags of clothes in my Good Will pile ready to go.  The great news is that the clothes that actually made the cut have a lot more space to hang in my closet, make sense in my wardrobe and are super versatile. I even used Marie’s method of rolling my clothes, socks and underwear so that you can visually see everything you own in each drawer and never forget where you put it.

All of this said, today’s outfit came from the complete overhaul I just did on my closet. As you can see, it’s made up of basics that I can mix and match.  I love the distressed black denim and how it pairs so nicely for the office with my black oversized blazer. I look forward to sharing more about my closet transformation soon!