Our honeymoon in Hawaii was a dream. It’s crazy to think that we got married ten days ago today and that we’re already back in our everyday lives, going about our normal days like nothing happened (except that of course I’m now a Mrs. and I get to call Phil my husband and we’re still on cloud nine!).  I’m so thankful that we savored every minute while it was all happening!  DSC_0268 DSC_0265 Everyone warned me about how quickly it would zoom by but it went even faster than I could have imagined! Even though we are back to a feeling of normalcy, I am loving this thing called marriage so far and am really relieved that all of our wedding planning is finally over.  I love that now we can set our sights on saving up for a house (someday–if LA ever becomes affordable enough!), for taking fun weekend trips, for spending more time with each other and with the people we love.DSC_0271 The photos above were taken at Rainbow Falls on the Hilo side of The Big Island, Hawaii.  We found ourselves completely obsessed with the beautiful, lush greenery on the Hilo side (as opposed to the desert-like conditions on the Kona side)–especially with the giant trees that looked like they were right out of the movie, Avatar.  After this hike, we went zip-lining with Kapohokine Adventures.  I was scared out of my mind (especially when I got stuck on the zip-line while I was suspended hundreds of feet over the base of a waterfall) but it ended up being one of the big highlights of our trip.  Outfit-wise, I wore lululemon workout gear the whole day because it’s so functional but also cute.DSC_0296 DSC_0359THE PLACE:  Rainbow Falls, Hawaii