I have officially just celebrated the fifth anniversary of my 25th birthday–aka my “big 3-0.” This, of course means that I’m now in a brand new decade (cue major OMG moment). While I’ve remained pretty calm on the outside today, the truth is the idea of turning 30 has kept me up for the past few nights straight.  

I know I’m not officially ‘old’ in the scheme of life but isn’t 30 supposed to mean you’re a real adult?  Can I even pretend to classify myself as that? Wasn’t I just a recent college grad yesterday? Thank goodness my friends and family helped to create such a fabulous day for me that I ended the evening grounded and happy! I especially loved the adorable macarons above that my friends bought for me. They were so pretty, I just had to snap a few pictures (that is, before my fiance begged to eat the whole box). Between my birthday and west coast bridal shower, it’s been a pretty epic week for me.  Next up, I can’t wait for our wedding which is just five weeks away and counting!

THE MACARONS: Lette Macarons