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I snapped the first photo above when I was visiting my family in upstate New York over the holidays.  We decided to take a day trip to Saratoga, New York–a beautiful historic town known for it’s horse racing, cozy restaurants and beautiful old-world architecture.  I grew up close to Saratoga but since I’ve been living on the west coast for so many years now, I appreciate it now more than ever.  It was a freezing cold day so we were all bundled up (I looked like the kid from A Christmas Story with a million layers on) but I took my gloves off to snap the above photo because the light was so beautiful.  Something about the bricks on top of a crisp blue winter sky really inspired me.  When I got home, I took a look at this picture again and sketched out the above fashion illustration with my new prisma colored markers.DSC_0001 THE MATERIALS: Prisma Colored Markers