I can’t believe how fast time is flying–that it’s almost 2015 and that our wedding day is only four months away! Outfit-wise today, I paired a comfy white sweater with a triangle skirt and booties.  Although I’ve been living in Los Angeles for over seven years now, I don’t think the joy of putting together winter-inspired outfits that aren’t actually for “real” winter weather will ever get old for me.  If I wore this outfit in upstate New York where I’m originally from, I’d obviously be freezing and I wouldn’t make it more than a block or two.

Growing up, it was all about comfort and practicality when it came to winter fashion.  It wasn’t until I moved to LA that I actually got to enjoy the winter months in terms of fashion–especially since my boots in LA never see the snow and the temperature never drops below 40 degrees.  That said, my fiance and I are planning to head to New York in a few weeks so it will be a rude awakening and reverse 4 chanel 8chanel 6 downchanel 24 THE LOOKS:  Booties / White Sweater / Aviators / Watch / Vintage Chanel Bag / Robyn Rhodes Ring (Similar Here) / Photos By: Alexandra Lee Nurthen Photography