DIY Shelf

I’m always on the lookout for fun DIY interior decorating ideas and the above projects are some of my current favorites.  I’m an avid runner and as I run through the streets of Los Angeles, I often see perfectly good furniture lying on the sidewalk ready to be hauled away.  Sometimes, I’ll stumble upon old dressers that no one wants anymore.  Above are a couple of fun, inexpensive ways to use salvaged pieces of furniture or drawers you might find around your neighborhood or at a flea market.

For the above shadowbox, which happens to be my fabulous photographer, Alexandra Lee Nurthen’s take on this project: paint an old drawer a fun, bright color.  Alexandra chose to leave the inside of hers bright yellow but you can also buy decoupage and glue a fun piece of wall paper, newsprint or magazine cut-out to the inside of your drawer to act as a fun backdrop.  Next, hang the drawer on your wall by drilling holes into the back of it and using brackets.  If you need extra mounting tips, click here.  Last but not least, add a personalized touch to your shadowbox through adding pops of color like the blue mason jar or colorful books Alexandra chose to use above.  Voila, you’re all set!
THE MATERIALS: Wood Paint, Recycled Dresser Drawer, Hammer, Nails, Decoupage, Brackets, Nails,