I had a very productive weekend.  Not only did my fiance and I finally find a wedding venue–I also tried on wedding dresses for the first time and I found “the one.”  The problem is “the one” is also over $10,000!  As I twirled around in it and pictured myself glamorously walking down the aisle, I literally couldn’t think of a more perfect gown…until I looked at the price tag.  

Leave it to me to accidentally try on a dress I can never afford (or want to afford for that matter).  I can’t fathom spending all of that money on a dress I’ll wear once.  The quest for a similar dress on a budget starts now.  Since our wedding is this spring, I also learned this weekend that I now have about one month to find one–yikes! A note to other new brides to be: you have to order your dress at least 6-7 months before your wedding because it takes so long to arrive and get it fitted, etc.  Who knew? Regardless, I’m really excited and I’m determine to find a dress I love that doesn’t break the bank.  More updates to follow!

dressesmomTHE SHOPS: Panache in Beverly Hills / Lovely Bride in West Hollywood