During the work week, I rarely have time to do a full face of makeup (and even if I did, I’m more of a bare face kind of girl!). Instead, my go-to type of makeup that takes a few seconds to put on is bright matte lipstick.  Today, I wore Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in the color “blue-ish bright pink.” I love Sephora’s lipstick line because it’s so affordable–only $12.50–and it lasts for hours without smudging. I especially love that this lipstick really pops on a dark outfit like mine today.Black on Black statueTHE LOOK:  Black Embellished Shirt (Similar Here) / Mirrored Ray-Bans / Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch / Michael Kors Platform Sandals  / Sparkle and Fade Blazer / Photos By: Phil Galanty