CHANEL paper 53 ipad 8 celine bagphoto 1Pen 53THE MATERIALS: Paper and Pencil 53 / iPad

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  My fiancee and I started moving into our new art deco apartment (woohoo!) and since moving took everything out of us, I set aside some time to reenergize and create some new art pieces.  I recently bought a Pencil 53–a light-weight digital pencil for iPad–and I realized this weekend that I can’t put it down.

Pencil 53 connects quite easily to my iPad and it then works perfectly with its app, Paper 53.  This app opens for free once it connects with Pencil 53, at which point it provides the user with a variety of digital colors, brushes, pencils and marker options.  I’ve only just started experimenting with Pencil 53 but above are some of my favorite drawings so far. The pencil charges easily in any USB port so you can take it anywhere and create art without any cleanup (which has been perfect while we’re in the middle of moving!).  I also love that after you are done creating, Paper 53 allows you to publish your art in a leather-bound moleskin book that will be shipped straight to your door.  Looking forward to sharing more projects soon!