RELishRELishTHE MATERIALS: Pelikan Watercolor / Watercolor Brushes / Watercolor Paper / Graphite Pencil / Swarovski Crystals / Photos of RELish Painting By: Alexandra Lee Nurthen Photography

Happy Friday, Everyone!  This week, I had a lot of fun trying my hand at painting new potential logos to display on RELish’s home page.  I have always had a fascination with creating my own fonts so I tried painting a few different types in various color schemes.  In the end, I’m gravitating towards the above pink RELish font, which I also added Swarovski crystals to in order to make it pop.  I’m not sure exactly where this artwork will end up being displayed on my soon-to-be revamped blog (woohoo!) but it was a lot of fun to see what I could come up with.

I placed each of the above crystals by hand and it was definitely quite the process.  Soon after, I did a little bit of research and was excited to come across a special tool called the Crystal Katana which I am going to order in the near future.  It looks like the perfect tool for artists who work with crystals because it has a special tip which attracts each individual crystal so you can then easily drop the crystal into place.  I look forward to trying it out for myself soon. Have a great weekend!