Robyn Rhodesrhodes_10 rhodes_13 REL_4-27_94 REL_4-27_91 REL_4-27_92 REL_4-27_93 REL_4-27_90 REL_4-27_86 Robyn RhodesTHE JEWELRY: I have always gravitated towards handmade jewelry–especially pieces that are truly one of a kind.  Likewise, I was especially excited to meet Robyn Rhodes, a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer who is all about creating stand-out, one of a kind jewelry pieces.  I’ve been a fan of Robyn’s for a while now because her pieces are so unique, versatile and memorable. If you have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Robyn’s online store, do yourself a favor and check it out–you’ll see what I mean.  The line is full of sparkly gems you just can’t take your eyes off of–talk about #eyecandycentral.  I’m especially loving this ring, this necklace and I must have this bracelet.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Robyn to learn a bit more about her as a designer–from her path to success, to what drives her to create.  Learn a bit more about Robyn in her interview below and don’t forget to visit her site.  Enter BACHELORETTE14 at checkout for 30% off your purchase. Enjoy!

What inspires you most about designing jewelry and how has becoming a designer changed your perspective? I love being able to create something with my two hands and that someone will actually pay for it with their hard earned money.  I love that I can help women feel just a little more beautiful than they already are.  This is what keeps me going.

 What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses? Really think about your product and your business and if it has been done before, how is your business/product different?  Come from a place of love and passion–because if things ever get tough, you have to remind yourself of your purpose.

What is your favorite color and how does that inspire your jewelry?  I love grays–they’re so versatile and they go with everything.  

When did you first realize you were a designer?  The moment that the first person paid for a piece of jewelry I made.

You worked in the entertainment industry before you pursued design.  What lessons did you learn from the entertainment world?  I had to be creative and I thought that creativity was going to be channeled into TV and Film– but it wasn’t.  That was a tough pill to swallow after the 6 years invested in Entertainment.  I pride myself on my strong work ethic–I attribute that to my time in Entertainment.

What do you hope women feel when they wear your jewelry? Abundant and beautiful!

What movies and on which stars have your pieces been featured?  My line will be featured in the upcoming Entourage movie along with The Rock’s San Andreas.  As for TV, my line has been on Entourage, The Bachelorette, Scandal, About A Boy, Mistresses, The Crazy Ones, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider.

What’s up next for you as a designer? What are your upcoming goals you’re looking to attain within the next year or so?  I would love to design a private label line for clothing, shoe, or handbag lines.  I can really contribute to other areas of fashion.  I am in the process of negotiations with a celeb client to design a jewelry line and a few boutique chains to do private label as well.  We also are designing our HOLIDAY collection and it is going to be FAB!

Photos by Alexandra Lee Nurthen