REL_4-27_10 Blue Embellished GownTHE MATERIALS: Pelikan Watercolor / Watercolor Brushes / Watercolor Paper / Graphite Pencil / Photo of RELish Painting By: Alexandra Lee Nurthen Photography

Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Above is my latest fashion illustration I wanted to share with you.  The painting was inspired by spring fashion (which I can’t get enough of this year!)–namely light, flouncy materials in pastel hues.  I used watercolors to get the translucent, etherial effect I was going for. Just before the painting had dried, I decided to try adorning the gown with Swarovski crystals like the ones I could see sewing into it if it were a real gown.  I love how this three dimensional effect turned out and I look forward to experimenting with crystals on other paintings in the near future. Have a wonderful start to the week and carpe diem!