Oscars Watercolor Oscars Watercolorrelish_3-2-14_26 relish_3-2-14_31 Oscar FashionTHE MATERIALS: Pelikan Watercolor / Watercolor Brushes / Watercolor Paper / Graphite Pencil / Photos of RELish Paintings By: Alexandra Lee Nurthern Photography

When I tuned into watch The Oscars last night, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the beautiful gowns all of the actresses were rocking down the red carpet.  My favorite look of the night was hands down Lupita Nyong of ’12 Years a Slave.’  She looked like the epitome of a princess and best supporting actress in her light blue etherial frock.  The minute I saw her walk down the red carpet, I took out my watercolors and couldn’t stop painting.  Above, I’ve displayed some of my favorite frocks which are all original RELish gowns inspired by last night’s red carpet.  I noticed a lot of vibrant, bold colors on the red carpet so I incorporated these into my pieces.  I dream of sewing these RELish gowns and making them come to life someday so they can actually be worn. Until then, #agirlcandream.