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Whenever I am in a rush in the morning and I need to try to pull together a classic look stat, my go-to is the “top-knot,” also known as a “sock-bun.”  I have worn this bun in previous posts here and here and I had so many people writing in asking how to get the look right that I have posted a mini photo tutorial above to help you out.  The bun I am wearing above today is a looser version of the buns seen in my previous looks. The loose bun is created the same way as the tight bun (see steps below), but it’s a bit more relaxed and flouncy. Try out both looks and see what you think looks best on you. Good luck!

MATERIALS: All you need is a simple hair tie, Hair Donut, bobby pins, hairspray, a brush or comb, and you’re good to go.

HOW TO: Using a brush or comb, gather your hair into a high ponytail. To create a looser bun, you do not have to pull your hair severely back in your ponytail and having a few bumps left over is okay. For a tighter bun, make sure your hair is as flat to your head as possible.  Next, put the bottom of your ponytail through the hole of your hair donut.  Keep the donut at the bottom of your ponytail and loop the end of your hair around its side and back through to the center.  This should form a mini loop with your hair.  Next, roll your donut inside out, bringing your hair along with it.  Keep flipping the donut inside out, taking your hair along with it, until it reaches the crown of your head and cannot go any further. Next, use your bobby pins to secure the sides of your bun by placing them through your hair on the edges of the donut. You should see your bun growing tighter, more pronounced and sturdier.  I usually use about 5-8 bobby pins but feel free to use as many as you need. Lastly, spritz your hair with hairspray (I like to use Healthy Sexy Hair), combing back any fly-aways with your fingers or with a tiny comb.  Now you’re all set: go out and rock your top-knot!