Happy almost holidays, everyone! My amazing sister, Adena, has come up with yet another fun D.I.Y. project that will leave you looking rocker chic this winter without breaking the bank.  This D.I.Y. look of the day was inspired by the below:Adena lives in New York and even though it’s snowing outside, she loves to add some fun transitional pieces into her wardrobe year-round.  Denim vests are a great way to spice up your wardrobe in both the warmer months and throughout the winter because they’re such great layering pieces.  For New Year’s, you can even layer a denim vest over a fancy dress to give it some extra edge.

Here’s how to make a studded vest of your own this holiday season for yourself or to give to someone else as a gift:

MATERIALS:  One jean jacket, bleach, scissors, hair ties and studs ( both optional)

1.) Cut off the sleeves of your jacket right below the seam so your vest stays intact.

2.) Lightening the Denim: The goal here is to make your vest look distressed and comfortably worn in.  For this step–you can either fold and tie the jacket using hair ties/string and allow the jacket to sit in a bowl of bleach mixed with water for around 5-10 minutes OR you can simply use a spray bottle and spray bleach all over the jacket.  The more bleach you add, the lighter your jacket will turn out–it’s totally up to you.

As seen below, Adena chose to use a spray bottle with1/4 bleach and 3/4 water. 
3.) Let the jacket sit for 5-10 minutes and proceed to wash the vest. Hand wash it first in a sink or bathtub, with cold water. Next, go ahead and put the vest in the washing machine.

4.) Allow the jacket to dry.  You can choose to use a dryer or let the jacket air dry.How To
5.) Your vest itself is complete!  You can either leave the vest as is or place studs on it (as showcased above). Adena wanted to add a rocker-chic look to her vest so she chose to use studs.  To add studs, push the prongs of each stud through the fabric on the vest’s collar.  Once they’ve gone through, bend the prongs down so they are lying flat on the denim. Keep going by adding more and more studs until your vest looks as rocker as you want.

Voila! You are ready to rock your studded denim vest for the holidays. Enjoy!DIY Denim Vest

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