Holiday Wish List

There are so many fashionable goodies out there right now for the holidays, I pretty much had the best Black Friday I’ve ever had this year. Growing up, I must admit that I barely even knew what Black Friday was. My parents kept us safe and sound at home instead of taking us out to shop at the crack of dawn with all of the crazies.  For this, I am actually pretty thankful. Last year was my first year braving the crowds on Black Friday. While it was something I felt I just needed to experience, it was full-on insane.

Once I was out with all of the crazies, I could immediately see why my parents tried to shelter us.  Black Friday was a total madhouse! The checkout lines were like war zones, not to mention all of the insanity that went down in the aisles!

This year, I decided to stay in instead–armed with my iPad for hours of relaxing shopping in the comfort of my home.

Throughout Black Friday weekend, I was still able to score some amazing deals from my couch! As some of my purchases from Black Friday start to roll in, I figured it couldn’t hurt to put together a fun wish list of gift ideas I’m still pursuing–from purses to shoes and nail polish to dresses.

For this particular list, I mainly pulled from some of my favorite designers: Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch, Chanel and Louboutin because a girl can dream.

THE LOOKS: Black Cat Flats / Tory Burch Black Lucky Bracelet / Christian Louboutin Sparkly Pumps  / Tory Burch Robinson Wallet in Blue  / Tory Burch Winslow Green Earrings / Tory Burch Black Robinson Tote / Red Chanel Nail Polish / Rebecca Minkoff Leather Jacket / Rebecca Minkoff Red Tote / Rebecca Minkoff Orange Dress / Eye Shadow Pallet (similar to one shown) / Rebecca Minkoff Black Dress / Rebecca Minkoff Initial Necklace