My boyfriend, Phil Galanty and I have been traveling all around Europe–from Berlin to Copenhagen and London to Paris–for the past 10 days and it has been incredible. We started off our journey in Berlin, Germany. It was a long flight from our home in Los Angeles but when we got off the plane, we were ready to see as much of the city as we possibly could. We only had one day in Berlin at the start and at the end of our trip so we needed to cover as many of the sites as quickly as we could, on a budget (for helpful sites for TRAVELERS ON A BUDGET, please scroll to the bottom of this post).

Berlin was beautiful and many of the buildings were much more modern than we expected. We loved the mixture of these modern buildings with the historical architecture of older buildings that survived World War II. One of our favorite places we visited was Checkpoint Charlie, a place that signified the border between West and East in the city, Capitalism and Communism, freedom and confinement during the Cold War. Today, it is a fascinating piece of living history.

Here is a photo recap of our experience:

Berlin's famous TV Tower
Berlin’s famous TV Tower.
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie exhibit.
Checkpoint Charlie's remaining Berlin wall
A remaining piece of the Berlin wall at Checkpoint Charlie.
Jumping in front of painted pieces of the Berlin wall at Checkpoint Charlie.
Jumping in front of painted pieces of the Berlin wall at Checkpoint Charlie.
Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial.
Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Cathedral.
Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Berlin Holocaust Memorial.
Deutscher Dom
Deutscher Dom.

Momondo: This site allowed us to track flight prices throughout the year. We nailed $700 round trip tickets from LA to Berlin using this site and we could not have been more thankful.
Tripomatic: We were able to use 10 vacation days for our trip this year and we wanted to make every moment count. This site allowed us to plan walking tours in each city for free so that we didn’t miss a beat.

For our trip this year, I was set on finding the perfect equally fashionable and comfortable shoes for walking all around Europe. Last year, I chose fashion over comfort–and my feet were killing me. This year, I tried my best to find the best of both worlds. I ended up mainly wearing Nike Free Sneakers and ‘Everly’ booties by Jeffrey Campbell. I highly recommend both shoes as the perfect travel shoes. Both are a bit on the pricier side but they’re worth every penny!