I have always been inspired by eyes. Since I can remember, I’ve drawn them and I’ve tried my best to perfect the individual beauty that each of our eyes possess. I’m equally enamored by unique interior design so when my boyfriend came across the above beautiful space surrounded by a hand-painted mural of an eye, I was memorized. With that said, my “How To” inspiration for the day comes from the above room.

Below, I have included a similar sketch of an eye that I drew and took pictures of from start to finish. I’m calling this a “Fashion Eye” because in fashion illustration, many artists seek to create a look for eyes that is a bit stylized; this gives fashion illustration models more personality. Likewise, this stylization is definitely showcased in the mural above. The below “How To” will teach you how to draw your own “Fashion Eye” on regular paper. If you want to achieve the look of the eye in the above mural on one of your walls, you can later put your drawing on a projector and trace it onto your wall using a pencil. From there, you can buy paint at your local home improvement store and blend them in very much the same way as I will teach you to do with pencil below. Here goes:

In order to master this eye, you will need a few colored pencils, a pen and a #2 pencil. Any brand of these will do but I chose to use prisma colored pencils because I love the way the colors blend. You can find them at your local craft store or online here: Prisma Colored Pencils. I chose to use green hues for my illustration but of course, feel free to utilize any colors that best speak to you. Here goes:

STEP 1: Use a pen or #2 pencil to draw two lines–each in the shape of a slightly bent oval. I love to use pencil because your mistakes can be erased but pen looks just as good if you’re confident! Make sure that your top line is a bit thicker than the bottom line. This is the start of the eye lids.
Step 1STEP 2: Use your pen or pencil to add two more slightly bent ovals–one to the top of the eye and one below.STEP 3: Still using only your pen or pencil, start to draw the iris and pupil. I created this through a circle within a circle. The smaller circle inside should be thick and the outer circle should just be an open thin crescent shape.Step 3STEP 4: With your pen or pencil, fill in the pupil a bit more–making it completely black throughout most of it. I left the left side white because this gives the illusion that light is coming into the eye and it will make it look more realistic.Step 4STEP 5: Create eye brows and lashes with your pen or pencil. Our eye brows are more arched than many people initially draw. Look up pictures of eye brows to help you to make your lines as realistic as possible. I like to create little angled dashes. For the lashes, remember, real lashes do not go straight up and down. Instead, they too are angled from the inner part of the eye outwards. Here, I also made some shadows where the whites of the eye would be. You can do this too using your pen or pencil and creating hash marks.Step 5STEP 6: It’s time for color! This is my favorite part. The inside of the eye where the pupil is will be very dark as is seen in a real human eye. Blend together dark greens and browns to achieve this look. The iris in the case of the eye in our mural is green. I mixed yellows and variations of browns and greens together to achieve this look. Here, you can also start darkening the brows through layering different colors of browns onto the threads of hair. Start lightly and then get darker!Step 6              STEP 7: Here, start refining the depth of your eye. Start to darken the eye brows slightly and create depth with the eye lids by choosing which side the light is coming in on your eye. Wherever you are imagining the light is coming in, utilize light colors like variations of yellows. Wherever the eye is in shadow, utilize darker colors. The trick is to blend all of the colors together.Step 7photo(32)STEP 8: Your eye is now complete! From here, you can put your eye on a projector and reflect it onto your mural wall of choice. From here, buy paint colors at your local home improvement store that will match your drawing (or the colors you are looking to put in your room). Just have fun with it! Remember, there are no mistakes in art and if you’re not happy with how your mural came out, you can always paint over your work and start over. Good luck!