My cousin tied the knot this past weekend in a full-out D.I.Y. wedding in a breathtaking remote forest in Bend, Oregon. This is where she originally met her husband to be–as they both love nature and spent their first few years out of college working with kids in these forests. We must be related because she prided herself in painstakingly setting everything up by hand–from the hand-crafted personalized glass mugs all of her guests received upon entering the event (which we could use all night instead of dirtying numerous glasses a piece)–to the meals carefully prepared by tons of the couple’s friends who volunteered to make this wedding a true labor of love.

My cousin wore a beautiful white Free People dress and cowboy boots and she fit the role perfectly of the free spirit she is who I wish I could be everyday of my life too. Here is the dress she chose: Free People Wedding Dress
D.I.Y. Bride and Groom
Free People Bride and Groom
Free People Bride

Likewise, rather than hiring caterers, D.J.’s, wedding planners or anyone else that many couples would go ahead and nail down, my cousin and her now husband rented only the true necessities–tables and chairs–and they made everything else happen themselves. The best part was that this wedding was simply perfect and somehow even more meaningful than some weddings I’ve seen where families pour out thousands of dollars to celebrate one night of excess. As guests, the view meant so much more to us.The wedding was set at the top of a mountain which was full of fur trees as far as the eye could see. The ceremony itself took place overlooking a cliff that led down to the most beautiful river and mountains that seemed to go on forever in the distance.

The pink sandals that I am wearing below are Dolce Vita. They were the perfect comfy yet fashionable shoes to wear to a wedding in the forest. The bright green skirt I wore was by English Rose.
D.I.Y. Beer Truck
My cousin’s friend owns a beer brewing truck and as a gift to the couple, he brought it to the wedding. The truck was filled with beer kegs that guests could fill their glass mugs up with all night and each type of beer was designated with hand-written chalk on the front of the truck. It was a big hit, not to mention unique, trendy and creative.

There was a main lodge that guests could venture into throughout the wedding but most of the event truly took place in the wilderness. This made the wedding so peaceful, relaxed and unique.

After the wedding, our family traveled to Crater Lake which is about two-and-a-half hours from Bend, Oregon. The blue color of the lake was stunning and it made for some pretty incredible photos.
Crater Lake, OregonMy sister and I at Crater Lake