“It’s Never Too Late to Know Who You Might Have Been” -George Eliot

I’m still in my 20’s but even now, I find myself forgetting that I have an entire life ahead of me full of opportunity.  Los Angeles, in particular, is such a tough town.  It seems that everyone is pigeon-holed–whether this is a choice they’ve unknowingly made for themselves or whether it is one that their bosses have made for them. Today’s quote means a lot to me because it can remind us that we all have so many different paths in life that will present themselves to us along our journeys.  It’s up to us to remember that “it’s never too late to know who you might have been” if you just go for it and take the journey.  If you only dream of who you might have been, you will live your life wondering “what if.” If you try and fail, at least you tried!