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Since I was almost entirely bald for the first year of my life (before my #bighairdontcare came in), my mom would spend hours hand-making me bows.  Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because as soon as I learned Phil and I were having a baby girl, I couldn’t stop building up Naiya’s bow collection too.  Thankfully, I’ve found so many bows I love online, I don’t have to spend hours making them myself (because those of you who know me best know that I would totally do that!).  


Blogger RELish By Arielle shares where to buy the best organic crib sheets for baby

How is Naiya already 11 months old today? When she was born, and people told me that the days would be long but the years would be short, they seriously weren’t kidding.  I’m still in awe of this whole mom-ing thing. When we go out now and I see babies 0-3 months old, I can’t believe how giant Naiya has become next to them in such a short amount of time.  Sharing an 11 month baby and mom update with you today as well as some of our latest Naiya photos because we just can’t stop snapping away.


Experts say that if you think of fear and worry as raw energy, you can actually learn to redirect it toward a more productive use. Since I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly stressed trying to balance it all as a full-time working mom, I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  Likewise, if you’re looking for a way to channel your stress into something positive, this post is for you.


Since she was born, Naiya has always loved to be held.  This is great in that we’ve gotten a lot of extra cuddle time in but of course this also gets completely exhausting–especially now that she’s getting heavier!  Likewise, since she was a few weeks old, I’ve been experimenting with baby carriers that help me to go hands free with her (more in this recent post).  The tank I’m wearing today is one of the most user-friendly carriers I’ve tried so far. Excited to share the details below of this must-have tank new mamas need to know about.


We’re still waiting for this baby to come! Our official due date is now just a few days away–August 24th–and the anticipation is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. I close my eyes every night wondering if tonight will be the night and I wake up every morning wondering if today will be the day.  Since it’s been too hard to make any substantial plans over the past couple of weeks because of baby watch, Phil and I have mostly been staying put, nesting away and decorating our new home. Sharing some sneak peaks of our kitchen and living room today with more photos to come, as well as a fun collaboration.