Los Angeles Blogger, RELish By Arielle pairs a red moto jacket with dad sneakers

I can’t believe our Prague trip is coming to an end.  I wish our family could continue to travel for at least a few more weeks but of course we have to go back to the real world. Traveling for the first time abroad with Naiya has been exhausting but also so special. I’ve been very aware of the fact that Naiya will only be this young once so I’ve been doing my best to soak it all in (the travel fussiness, dirty diapers at the most inopportune times and all!). Overall, she really has been a dream and we feel extremely lucky! Sharing a few outfit photos we snapped before we left for our trip last week featuring white “dad sneakers” and the cutest little pink dress and blue romper on Naiya. 


Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle and her daughter share their matching pink outfits

I feel like life is moving a million miles per minute! In case you missed my recent article here, Naiya has officially turned one! We threw a unicorn party for her at a local park with close friends and family and I may or may not have gone completely overboard with decorations and gluten-free, sugar-free cake. Yeah–I totally became that mom. Sharing a recent mom and baby outfit post with you today that’s all about all pink everything. Can’t wait to share Naiya’s birthday photos soon!


oshkosh baby girl dress from Target

And just like that, Phil and I are the proud parents of a one-year-old! The first time I held Naiya exactly one year ago last night (#imnotcryingyourecrying), my nurse handed her over to me and told me to savor the moment because I’d blink and the next year would fly by.  While I assumed that time would go quickly, in the insanely sleep-deprived, over-the-top stressful first few weeks of Naiya’s life, I never could have imagined just how quickly.  When she was first born, I often wanted to speed up time so that we could find our new normal. Now here we are, exactly one year later (at 11:40pm last night!) and I only wish we could go back to that first moment with Naiya to do it all over again.


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Since Naiya is about to turn one year old later this week, I’ve been feeling overly nostalgic recently (I’m not crying storing her 6-12 month old clothing in the attic–you’re crying!). Hands down, this has been the most incredible, meaningful, pivotal and exhausting year of my life. I’ve never felt such extreme highs and lows in the same hour, let alone in the same week as I have this year. I’ve also never felt so happy, terrified and also so fulfilled all at the same time. 


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How is Naiya already 11 months old today? When she was born, and people told me that the days would be long but the years would be short, they seriously weren’t kidding.  I’m still in awe of this whole mom-ing thing. When we go out now and I see babies 0-3 months old, I can’t believe how giant Naiya has become next to them in such a short amount of time.  Sharing an 11 month baby and mom update with you today as well as some of our latest Naiya photos because we just can’t stop snapping away.